Malta Kulinarja 2018

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Team Events

  1. Team Events

    Malta Kulinarja 2018 - Team Events


    Malta Kulinarja 2018- Team Events Please note that : Junior individual classes in the practical theatre Open to persons who are 23 years or under on November 1 , 2017 Learn More
  2. Kulinarja 2018 - Parade Des Chefs

    Kulinarja 2018 - Parade Des Chefs


    The participating Culinary Teams will prepare specialties of their choice. Each culinary team has the following task: Only the 6 team members are permitted to place items into chillers at indicated time only, 4 other assistances are permitted to carry items into kitchen but are not permitted to un-pack into chillers. These 4 assistances are permitted to polish plates but must be finished when the cooking competition starts. Learn More